Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mending and Alterations

After helping Phillip move out of his dorm, I was able to grab a pair of jeans that he hadn't worn for nearly a year now because they badly needed hemming. I also snatched up two pair of shorts that were very worn. They both had holes on the back side where the pockets has started to pull away. One pair also had a large tear across the front of the leg, which kept getting worse every time he wore them because he pulled at it and the other were cargo shorts, so on all 6 pockets the upper corners had pulled away creating a hole.
 The jeans that I cut off about 5 inches and then folded and pressed a double hem. Then I pinned it in place and edge stitched it from the inside with a heavy duty needle.
 For the holes in the pockets, I cut a small square of scrap fabric and pinned it on t e inside, backing where the hole was. Then I used the darning stitch across the hole in a few different directions. The darning stitch is a strong repetitive stitch that is used to sewing up holes.
The darning can look much neater, but my life was made hard by the multiple layers of very thick fabric on the corners of the pockets, which I would of liked to be able to see through but when I tried I broke a needle and decided that it wasn't a good idea.


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