Saturday, June 4, 2011

Muffin Mishap

I know that baking and cooking does not come easily to everyone. I will admit that I have my fair share of mistakes and failed attempts in the kitchen. I thought it would be good to not only show recipes that have turned out but also when I have a failed recipe. I was trying to make muffins for church tomorrow, which is something I often make on a Saturday night, but tonight I decided to try making one from a cake mix, but not only a cake mix but a homemade cake mix. So I took two different approaches to making a homemade cake mix and pulled from both recipes. Then altered it to make muffins from a cake mix, and I also made a few changes of my own that I know normally make a good healthier muffin. On top of that I added a chocolate crumb topping that I eyeballed and didn't use a recipe for, all aided in the chemistry going askew.

Looking back at what I was doing now, I realize I should have noticed that I was using too much milk, baking soda, and oil. I shouldn't have substituted one of the two eggs for yogurt, and I used too much butter in the crumble. 

One problem that happens, is if you are trying to cut a recipe in half, remembering to cut each ingredient in half can be forgotten, so I suggest writing out the new measurements whether you are increasing or decreasing a recipe. That way you are less likely to have a mental math error.

If you want to play with a recipe, I suggest only altering one ingredient, such as following all the instructions for brownies except using apple sauce for oil. I should have realized, I was playing with way too many variables for the muffins to possibly turn out the way I was hoping they would. If you only alter one ingredient you can see how that one change effects the final product and then you can use that in the future with your knowledge of how making works. 

The centers fell and having too much butter in the topping cooked the sugar in the caused them to have a crispy top. So now you can see that I fail in the kitchen too. It's going to happen sometimes, but you have to continue trying and one days that everything works out, you will be deliciously rewarded. 

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