Saturday, June 25, 2011

Should this go in the refrigerator?


So I came across this neat section of Bon Appetie's website months ago and it quickly became a close friend. I can't remember how I was originally introduced to this part of their site, thought I've been using recipes from Bon Appetite for over a year now.

This awesome tool allows you to look up almost any ingredient you could want to cook with and learn more about them. For each ingredient you can find a description of what it is and with most of the items you will find: why you should eat that particular food or spice, the health benefits, what to look for at the store to insure that it is fresh, as well as how to store it once you are home, and you can also see a few recipes they suggest for each food item if you are stumped on the best way to cook it or incorporate it into your meal. So I thought I'd pass along the link because it's an amazing tool.

For example:
- Ever wonder if tomatoes should be stored in the fridge or on the counter?
- What makes a good maple syrup?
- Why is sour dough bread sour?
- What is the difference with steel-cut oats?
- What is raw sugar?



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